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Case Documents

Case: American Trader, CA

Laws and Regulations/Legal Documents

  1. Consent Decrees/Related Documents

    1. Consent Decree,United Statesv.BP America, Inc., BP Oil Supply Co., and BP Oil Shipping Co.,No. CV 95-1229-RJK, (C.D. Calif. March 5, 1997).  


  1. Restoration Planning/Restoration Plan

    1. Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment for Seabirds Injured by the American Trader Oil Spill, April 2001.

Restoration Implementation/Statements of Work

  1. Monitoring

    1. Conservation Assessment and Management Plan for Breeding Western and Clark's Grebes in California, June 2004
    2. Protection and Restoration of Brown Pelicans and other Seabirds on Los Coronados, Todos Santos and San Benito Islands, Baja California, Mexico, May 2004.
    3. Brown Pelican Roost Sites on the Mainland Coast of Southern California, January 2003.
    4. Brown Pelican Night Roost Sites on the Southern California Coast, April 2003.
    5. Disturbance to Brown Pelicans at Communal Roosts in Southern and Central California, October 2002.

Public Outreach and Involvement

  1. Public Outreach

    1. American Trader Trustee Council Annual Report 2002, January 2003.
    2. American Trader Trustee Council Annual Report 2001, January 2002.
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