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Case Documents
Case: Ciba-Geigy, AL

Laws and Regulations/Legal Documents

Consent Decrees/Related Documents

Consent Decree Regarding Natural Resource Damage Claims among the United States, State of Alabama and BASF Corporation , October 2013.

Press Release. Federal, state agencies announce $3.7 million to restore Alabama natural resources: Part of a $5 million settlement with BASF following pesticide releases , October 2013.

Restoration Planning

Final Ciba-Geigy Restoration Plan and Programmatic Environmental Assessment , August 2017

Final Ciba-Geigy RP/PRA adoption memo , August 2017

Assessments and Fact Sheets

Ciba-Geigy NRDA Fact Sheet

Ciba-Geigy Draft Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment

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