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Case Documents

Case: Barge Berman, PR

Laws and Regulations/Legal Documents

  1. Consent Decrees/Related Documents

    1. Final Restoration Plan for Settlement of the Barge Berman Case, April 2015. (pending)
  2. Referenced Laws, Regulations, and Agreements

    1. Oil Pollution Act of 1990, 33 U.S.C. 2701 et seq.  Linking to a non-federal government web site.This link does not imply endorsement.
  3. Federal Register Notices/Public Notices

    1. Notice of Availability and Request for Comments on a Draft Restoration Plan for Natural Resource and Human Use/Recreational Losses From the January 7, 1994 San Juan, Puerto Rico Oil Spill.


  1. Preliminary Injury Assessment

    1. Draft Restoration Plan / Environmental Assessment for Morris J. Berman Oil Spill San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 2006.
    2. Executive Summary(Draft Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment), (No Date).

Injury Assessment Phase

  1. Aquatic Resources (Benthic, Fish, and Shellfish Resources)

    1. Habitat Suitability Analysis: Compensation for Injured Reef in Support of Restoration Planning for the Berman Oil Spill, San Juan, Puerto Rico, August 2005.

Restoration Planning Phase

  1. Restoration Planning/Restoration Plan

    1. Restoration Plan / Environmental Assessment for Morris J. Berman Oil Spill San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 2007.(en Espanol)
    2. Potential Restoration Projects for Natural Resources Impacted by the Morris J. Berman Oil Spill San Juan National Historic Site and Nearby Areas along the North Coast of Puerto Rico: Project Summaries, April 2006.

Public Outreach and Involvement

  1. Public Outreach

    1. Press Release:Coastal Land Preserved on 15th Anniversary of Major Oil Spill off Puerto Rico, January 2009.
    2. Fact Sheet:Environmental Restoration Projects Selected, April 2007.
    3. Fact Sheet:Draft Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment, August 2006.
    4. Fact Sheet:Proposed Projects to Restore Lost Recreational Beach Use, August 2006.
    5. Fact Sheet:Proposed Projects to Restore National Site Resources, August 2006.
    6. Fact Sheet:Proposed Projects to Restore Reef Resources, August 2006.
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