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Case Documents
Case: Blackbird Mine, ID

Laws and Regulations/Legal Documents

Referenced Laws, Regulations, and Agreements

Oil Pollution Act of 1990, 33 U.S.C. 2701 et seq. Linking to a non-federal government web site.This link does not imply endorsement.

Consent Decrees/Related Documents

Consent Decree, State of Idaho et al., v. the M.A. Hanna Company et al., consolidated case no. 83-4179 (R) (D. Idaho, April 25, 1995).

Amendment to Consent Decree, State of Idaho et al., v. the M.A. Hanna Company et al., consolidated case no. 83-4179 (R) (D. Idaho, Sept. 1, 1995).

Order For Amendment of Consent Decree, consolidated CV case nos. 83-4179 and 93-0235-E-HLR (D. Idaho, Oct. 19, 1995).


Restoration Planning/Restoration Plan

Appendix B: Blackbird Mine Biological Restoration and Compensation Plan, n.d.

Technical Paper and Reference Material

DARRP Technical Paper 97-9. 10/16/98. An approach to calculating natural resource compensation with a specific application to the Blackbird Mine hazardous waste site in Idaho. The paper focuses on the interim loss portion of a damage claim and presents an integrated framework of biology and economics for determining the scale of compensatory restoration actions appropriate to compensate for the interim loss of natural resources and services.


Appendix 1- Blackbird Mine 1997-2011 draft monitoring report

Appendix 2 -Blackbird Mine 1997-2011 draft monitoring report

Blackbird Mine - 1997 cattle exclusion project vegetation monitoring report

Blackbird Mine- 2004 cattle exclusion project monitoring data

Blackbird Mine cattle exclusion project Riparian monitoring Data Summary 1997- 2011

Draft Blacbbird Mine 1997-2011 cattle exclusion project riparian condition monitoring report

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